Welcome to the Fremd Feeder Basketball Program

Fremd Feeder Basketball Program is designed to prepare young basketball players to play High School Basketball at Fremd. The organization provides instruction, practices and competitive basketball training to prepare young boys from fifth through eighth grade. This is a non-for-profit program. The philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of the game at an elevated level and foster a love of basketball in a competitive environment.

A Note

From Coach Mike Arbour


The “Tryout” season is always an anxious time of year for both kids and parents.  I have been through this multiple times with each of my three boys, and have gone through the entire gamut of emotions that come from making a team, not making a team, making one team but not the one you wanted to play for, playing for a coach who isn’t your favorite, not playing with your friends, and all of the other scenarios that can happen.  There are lots of potential outcomes, but usually only one that makes each player happy.  Every boy in the gym wants to make a team, and probably has a specific team in mind that he wants to play on.  Any result short of that is immediately followed by disappointment, frustration, anger, and a range of other emotions that are not particularly fun to go through either as a player or a parent.  I assure you that all of the 7th grade coaches associated with the Feeder program are keenly aware of how stressful and frustrating this process is, and how joyful and/or heartbreaking it can be as a parent.  It doesn’t make it easier, but please don’t think that any of the coaches are unaware of this dynamic. (more…)